How do I transfer FASTag to new owner?

Authorized FASTag issuers give FASTags based on KYC verification, similar to SIM cards or bank accounts. It is vehicle specific and owner’s name is registered along with it. When a person sells a car, they must remove all personal information (physical and digital) from the vehicle as well as the FASTag by notifying the issuer. One way to protect yourself is to do so.

Otherwise, one must be responsible for the activities of the vehicle to which their FASTag is linked. For example, a violation of the vehicle's traffic laws may result in fines being sent to the FASTag owners.

Now issuers started offering facility to instantly transfer their tags to other users using the app. An example to do this in PayTM app as follows.

  • 1. Go to FASTag section on Consumer App
  • 2. Select the FASTag which has to be transferred to another Paytm mobile number
  • 3. Enter the recepient's Paytm mobile number and tap on Proceed
  • 4. Follow the instructions to complete the transfer

The transfer, deactivation or cancellation of a FASTag linked account or ewallet is handled differently by different service providers. One of the most typical methods is to contact your FASTag provider's Customer Support and request the transfer/closure/deactivation of the FASTag linked account.

To raise a replacement request, contact the tag issuing bank with your mobile number against which the tag has been registered along with the vehicle registration number or tag ID.