How does FASTag calculate round trip charges?

FASTag charges the single trip expense for the first journey, and charges the difference between the first journey and the return trip when you go through the toll again.

For example, if the single trip costs Rs.20 and the round trip costs Rs.35, then

  • a) When the customer passes the toll for the first time, Rs.20 gets deducted from the FASTag account.
  • b) When the customer returns, then the difference between Rs.35 and Rs.20, which is Rs.15 is deducted.
  • c) If the customer again passes the toll, Rs.20 gets deducted from the FASTag account and this continues.

The stipulated time period might vary from toll plaza to toll plaza. Some toll plazas have a 24 hour period from the time the customer crosses the toll and comes back, but some have a cutoff time at 12 AM and some with cutoff time at 12 PM.

To raise a dispute, contact the tag issuing bank with your mobile number against which the tag has been registered along with the vehicle registration number or tag ID.