What is 'blacklist' in FASTag?

FASTag gets 'blacklisted' due to sevaral reasons and the most common one is in the event when the user fails to maintain the minimum balance in their FASTag wallet. As a user of FASTag, one must be aware of the current balance in their account. To avoid getting your FASTag blacklisted, you should try to maintain sufficient balance in your FASTag account. When you get the low balance alert from your bank, then you should immediately recharge it to avoid risk of getting blacklisted.

Other reasons for FASTag getting 'blacklisted' are:
1) Buying FASTag for Car and using it with another vehicle like Truck.
2) FASTags can also be blacklisted by the law enforcement agencies due to violation of any rules.

In case your FASTag gets blacklisted, contact the tag issuing bank with your mobile number against which the tag has been registered along with the vehicle registration number or tag ID.