How to recharge FASTag using BHIM UPI App?

FASTag can be recharged through multiple options either online or offline. You can recharge your FASTag account with a minimum of Rs.100 and a maximum of Rs.100000.

Here you can follow the simple steps to recharge your FASTag using the BHIM UPI app:

    • 1) Download the BHIM UPI app from Google Play if you are an android phone user. iPhone users can download it from the Apple app store.
      2) Open your BHIM UPI app using the 'Passcode' and click on 'Send' and in the 'Send Money' option enter the UPI virtual address of your FASTag. UPI ID of FASTag is [email protected] For e.g. Vehicle Registration number is DL01AA1234 and issuer bank is ICICI Bank, then UPI ID will be [email protected]
      3) Now verify your UPI ID and enter the amount you want to send/recharge your FASTag prepaid wallet.
      4) Once your account gets recharged, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile phone.
  • To raise a recharge related complaint, contact the tag issuing bank with your mobile number against which the tag has been registered along with the vehicle registration number or tag ID.