How to get free FASTag for a physically challenged person?

The vehicle of a physically challenged person falls under the exempted categories of mechanical vehicles as per NH Fee Rule 2008 and subsequent amendments. So if you are a physically challenged person with a vehicle registered under the 'Invalid Carriage' or 'Retrofitted' category, then you are eligible for free FASTag. If your vehicle RC doesn't show 'Invalid Carriage' or 'Retrofitted', you should request your RTO by submitting a request letter.

Handicapped person who falls under this exemption can take the free FASTag from any of the FASTag issuing bank by showing supporting documents as proof while applying for FASTag. Unlike the normal FASTag, the physically challenged owner doesn't have to pay any amount for the recharge of this zero value FASTag card.

NOTE: This exemption applies only for those vehicles that have been registered and mentioned as 'Invalid Carriage' or 'Retrofitted' in RC book. A normal vehicle does not come within the gambit of this law even though it is driven by a person with disabilities.